12 Grimmauld Place

aka Wonderland

Found and inhabited shortly after the Cabals basic training with the Arrow. They were called to investigate a strange manikin being by Mama Leona. It was created out of Tass and could detach its limbs and at times could form sharp claws to fight. After a quick investigation the creatures home was discovered and they were quickly dispatched all but a baby one who was sent to the Mysterium as suggestion of Fa-Jun and the backing of (Josh 1).

The sanctum is a moderately powerful Hollow providing three units of mana a day and emitting a strange mixture of nightmares and whimsy that could best described as wonderland-ish. The structure was quickly secured and furnished however Fa-Jun and Ilmarinen has not been staying there for there own separate reasons.

The house itself has four bedrooms, two on the second and two on the third floors. The two on the third floor are Ose (Alejandro Revelo)‘s and Ignotus’s rooms (Iggy likes to think of her’s as Griffindor Town and has decorated it accordingly). On the second floor is (Josh 1 (David?))‘s room and the last bedroom is being used as a library/study. The first floor contains a living room, dining room and a kitchen. The cabal have remodeled the basement of the house into a gym/dance studio. (This paragraph is my current concept of the house, but I’m always open to making changes. Though Iggy would prefer to not have the room next to David’s.)

12 Grimmauld Place

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