Ose (Alejandro Revelo)

Chris's Character


Path: Mastigos

-Death: 2
-Mind: 3
-Space: 1

Virtue: Resilience
Vice: Castigation

- Generic .45 ACP Autoloader (A classic handgun for tactical use)
- Combat Knife (A standard issue military knife)

Although he hasn’t had the audacity to use it, he does have an assault rifle in his possession.

Magical Tools:
- Dog Tags (The chain and guard for the tags are made of iron, this is his path tool)
- Combat Knife

After a recent discussion with his cabal-mates, he’s restricted his status as a student to part time. He still attends Georgetown as a Criminal Justice major. Occasionally, he volunteers at the VA.


Appearance: 5’11", black hair, dark eyes, solid and athletically built.

Age: 25

Reason for Joining the Arrow: This was another call to battle, another call to protect those who cannot protect themselves. A renewed purpose in life and in his soul.

Father – Jose Revelo. Previously presumed dead. Actually a Brujo intent on running a criminal organization. A skilled Mind mage.
Mother – Maria Revelo. Clinically insane, suffers from bouts of dissociation and temporary amnesia. Clinically depressed. She has assistance from the extended family and Alex when he can.
Grandmother – Sofia Revelo. A sleepwalker, has knowledge of the supernatural world. Very religious, but incredibly supportive of her family (for the exception of her son).

Ose has a complicated relationship with his family. He is closest to his grandmother after she became aware of his power, offering spiritual advice and emotional consul when he needs it. She primarily looks after his mother who is quite fractured. The Warlock has made it a personal quest to heal her mind should he become powerful enough. His father, who he had previously presumed dead, made a startling and horrifying reemergence in his life, hoping to recruit him. Their interaction caused Ose’s awakening, resulting in bitter feelings and rage towards his father. They have not had contact since. He occasionally visits his family, but tries to do so secretly.

Religion: Catholic.

Prior to his Awakening, Ose had been a relatively devote Catholic due to his family. He ultimately believed that forgiveness and mercy would lead to salvation. Following his Awakening, his beliefs had a minor paradigm shift. He still believes that God has something to do with the Supernal and the World, as a whole. The Abyss is the idea of Hell, the thing that tempts and wishes to corrupt and control reality. Even though he is a Warlock, he feels that his purpose is to bring others to fight their personal demons to conquer them, becoming better people. He understands people may be weak, but when given the opportunity, they can prove themselves. There are a few that he considers beyond saving, one of which includes his father.

Mentor: Lilim

Lilim actually elected to take on Ose as a student due to their similar circumstances. She was incredibly hard on, showing him the real meaning of ‘trial by fire’. She is a member of Arrow and incredibly skilled at Mind magic (as well as Spirit). After his basic training, he went his own way from her. She threatened that she would make him regret falling from the Path of Wisdom. She invited him to come back for more lessons only if he could prove himself worthy of continued training.

Familiar: Slade (Supernal Familiar)

Ose isn’t sure how Slade became a demon of Pandemonium, but has some theories. One is that the being that is tied to him is not actually Slade, at all. It wears his face to remind Ose of his commitment to his cause. Another is that Ose was an anchor for Slade, resulting in Slade following him into Pandemonium, becoming transformed by it as the Warlock was. The most likely theory is a mix of the two previous theories: it is partly Slade, partly a being that inhabited Pandemonium. In any case, the demon provides it’s assistance to the young mage if requested. It does take some opportunities to test him, but is largely determined to help the mage reach his full potential.

Ose (Alejandro Revelo)

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