Mama Leona

Ignotus' Mentor


Path: Acanthus
Favored weapon: sword/saber


Age: 63
Concept: Italian Nanny Ogg (from the Discworld Novels)
Specialty: Taking care of and protecting children
Catholic, good cook

She awakened after husband and son were killed by a supernatural creature, she tried to fight it off but would have ultimately died herself however a group of Adamantine Arrow arrived and killed the monster just in time to save her. One of the mages who witnessed the scene described her as a lioness fiercely trying to defend her cub. She took the name Mama Leona as her mage name to remind her of both what she’d lost and what she fought to protect. She decided to join the Arrow to help prevent what had happened to her family happening to others, especially children.

In her younger days, before she was married, she was a bit wild and experienced much of what life had to offer, to put it mildly. Nowadays, she is a jolly old woman who unabashedly offers advice based on her own life experiences (whether people want it or not) though she still has a ferocious temper she unleashes on anyone or anything she views as a threat. In recent years, she has become a little stuck in her ways, often rejecting new ideas and ways of looking at the world. In an effort to jolt her out of this, she was assigned a young applicant to the Arrow to mentor with an… interesting view of magic. Mama Leona was at first at odds with her mentee, Ignotus, trying to discourage viewing magic in terms of a childish story. However, Iggy was eventually able to persuade her of the validity of the lessons in Harry Potter through a well reasoned and researched essay.

Mama Leona is not very fond of (Josh’s character) after having to deal with the aftermath of Iggy’s break up with him and help her put herself back together. She disapproves of gay people but sort of brushes it off as a silly phase that people have to get over on their own and does not actively discriminate against them.

Nanny Ogg:
(She the short, fat one)

Mama Leona

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