Kurt's Character


Path: Moros


Warhammer, forged so that it can appear to be a cane when not in use
Assorted armor and other weapons can be found in his office and research lab, the plate probably won’t fit but just put a couple sweatshirts on under the mail, cinch it down with a belt, and it’ll be fine

Magical Tools
War Hammer
Forge Hammer

Professor of Archaeology, Georgetown University
Research Specialty: Experimental Archaeo-metallurgy


Appearance: 6’2", Dark hair, slight grey at temples, usually in a tight braid down to his shoulder blades, strongly built
Age: 36
Education: Undergraduate at Georgetown: Ancient Studies and Chemistry, Masters’ at MIT: Chemistry, Doctorates at Cambridge: Archaeology and MIT: Chemistry
Reason for Joining the Arrow: What use is Wisdom, if it brings no profit to the Wise, and what use is craft if what is made is never used

All of Ilmarinen’s family are resting in the arms of their ancestors. When he was a child his parents, both archaeologists were killed during a bombing in Belfast while they were doing research at the University there. He was raised by his grandparents after that, until they died while he was in graduate school. After his parents were killed, he dedicated himself to following in their footsteps.

Before his Awakening, Ilmarinen never really believed much of anything religious, aside from a vague notion that when he died he would be reunited with his family. During his Awakening however, he received visions of all of his ancestors helping him to forge an artifact of great power. Each generation help him during the process, beginning with modern steel mills and working his way back through to ever more primitive times until during the final quench as the steam rolled around him he saw faintly through the cloud a glimpse of the True Smiths of Atlantis.

Following this he truly began to believe that his ancestors were watching over him and that there was some purpose for him to fulfill in order to be worthy to join them.


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